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TK2 Toubab Krewe CD Review

Monday, October 4th, 2010

TK2 - Toubab Krewe

I have always been a fan of Toubab Krewe ever since my first time seeing them live at the Ark in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 2008. Their unique sound and virtuosic jamability immediately drew me to their music. Directly after the concert, I purchased their new album at the time “Live at the Orange Peel”. Ever since purchasing and exploring this album, I had been hoping to see the band come out with some new material; and here it is fresh and hot off the presses.

“TK2” is a musical voyage across soundscapes that are exceptional and expressive for a small jam band. Throughout this new album we are given a taste of some eclectic sounds from across the world. Up until this album, Toubab Krewe seemed to rely heavily on an African and southern rock fusion sound. However, in this new album Toubab dives into realms of musical influences that stretch from 60s garage psychedelic rock to Spanish flamenco music. In tunes such as Konkeba, one of my favorites on the album, we hear a wide blend of cultural sounds that include a basic African rhythmic intro that is tremendously percussive and full of cyclic grooves. Another dynamic tune, Carnavalito, has a heavy Spanish influence that brings a whole new light to the diverse sound of Toubab Krewe. From the Spanish rhythmic feel to the intricately played Kora part, this tune has a heavy drive to it that pushes the song to a climatic peak leaving the listener wanting more. I can easily see this tune becoming a regular favorite in the band’s live repertoire. Read more…

An Interview with Drew Heller – Toubab Krewe

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Start with a strong sense of tranditional West African music, stir in the extended solos and exploratory melodies of American Jam music, add a dash of creole and surf music and you have one very unique sounding band: Toubab Krewe. Toubab Krewe is a five man internationally touring American instrumental jam band from Asheville, NC. Though a relative newcomer to the scene, Toubab Krewe has already made a name for themselves playing at such festivals as Rothbury, Bonnaroo, and the famous Festival au Desert I was lucky enough to sit down with Drew Heller, guitarist before their show in Boston, MA and speak with him about the background of the band; musical influences; a new album in the works; the band’s experience at Festival au Desert (in the sahara desert); the band’s summer plans and more. Read more…