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Railroad Earth Photos – Denver – 1/18/2013

Friday, January 25th, 2013

Railroad earth kicked off the new year with a 3 night run at the Ogden Theatre in Denver, Colorado.  Here are some photos that capture the magic of the first night.  Billy even sat in!

Set 1: 420, Potter’s Field, Head, Happy Song, Old Man and the Land, The Cuckoo, Bread and Water, Elko (1)

Set 2: Goat (2), Too Much Information, Daddy-O, Cats (3), RV (1), The Forecast – > Mighty River – > The Jupiter and the 119 > Cuckoo Medley (1), I am a Mess (2), E: Storms, Bringin’ My Baby Back Home (1)

Comment: (1) with Bill Nershi on acoustic guitar, and vocal on the “Dress … in Colorado” verse from “I am a Mess”
(2) With Dan Sears on flugelhorn and with Bill Nershi on acoustic guitar
(3) First time played, written by Bill Nershi, Jilian Nershi and Scott Law. with Bill Nershi on acoustic guitar, lead vocals

Photos by Elizabeth Drews