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Railroad Earth 12/31/2011 Photos

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

Railroad Earth brought in 2012 at the Ogden Theatre in Denver, CO. Here’s some photos to relive the magic.

12/31/11 (Sat)  Ogden Theatre – Denver, CO 

Set 1: Railroad Earth, Happy Song, Carrying Coal to Newcastle, Mission Man, Everything Comes Together

Set 2: Right in Tune, The Green Roofs of Eireann > Birds of America, Dance Around Molly > Dandelion Wine, The Cuckoo, Sometimes a River (A), Gold Rush

Set 3: Railroad Earth Jungle Jam > Mayan God Kukulkan Countdown to 2012 > Son of Mr. Green Genes > Spring-Heeled Jack, Give That Boy a Hand, Magic Foot > Luxury Liner, Warhead Boogie > Storms, Water Fountain Quicksand, E: Hard Livin’, All Things Must Pass (B), Peace on Earth

Comment: (A) With Keith Moseley on electric guitar and shared lead vocals with Todd Sheaffer. (B) First time played, written by George Harrison.

Photos by Elizabeth Drews



Photos by Elizabeth Drews

Railroad Earth 12/30/2011 Review & Photos

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

Railroad Earth with Kyle Hollingsworth and Dumptruck Butterlips 12-30-11

For the second time in two years I headed down to the Ogden to catch Railroad Earth for a night of their New Year’s run. Last year I saw them with Great American Taxi on NYE, this year I headed down on the 30th mainly because the show included a sit-in with Kyle Hollingsworth. Including my trip to Chicago this would be the fifth time in a month seeing Kyle live. Amy picked me up from work and we headed out to a nice sushi dinner before heading over to the box office. We hit up Pete’s Monkey Bar to catch a bit of the Phish live stream from MSG before walking back to The Ogden to see the opening act. On the MusicMarauders Live podcast Tim Carbone talked highly of Dumptruck Butterlips so I figured we should get in early to catch them.

Hailing from Lawrence Kansas, this four-piece acoustic act was interesting to say the least.  With an odd lineup consisting of three ladies on accordion, washboard, and upright bass and a gentleman on guitar. The most striking element of Dumptruck Butterlips was their vocal harmonization. They had a Midwest hometown feel to their sound. They sang about heavy drinking without fear of throwing an f-bomb or two into their lyrics. At times musically they showed their freshness to the scene, but the overall effect of their performance was enjoyable. They finished their set with Tim Carbone and Adam Goessling. They were a good choice for the opening act and a group I will keep an eye on in the future.

Railroad Earth came onto the stage around 9:30 PM. Kyle’s keys were Read more…