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Elephant Revival Interview – Boston, MA – 9/28/2013

Friday, October 11th, 2013

After reviewing Elephant Revival’s last visit to Boston, I was thrilled by the opportunity to interview some members of the band before their recent show in Boston. Jeremy and I sat down with Bonnie (vocals, percussion, musical saw) and Dango (vocals, bass) on a tapestry they graciously offered, and chatted to the tune of their openers, Mike and Ruthy.

The show which followed truly demonstrated the growth the band has seen over the course of just one year – the venue and their audience were both larger this time around, and they reflected this with a stage presence that was only topped by…a baby! That’s right, Mike and Ruthy blessed us with the vocals of their darling daughter during the anthem, “Grace of  Woman.” Not more than two years old, she clutched onto the microphone and clapped away onstage to the joy of band members and the audience.

Any Bostonians who missed this show had best know better next time, and to those in cities where Elephant Revival is heading for the remainder of their tour – you’ve got a lot to look forward to!

Many thanks to Bonnie, Dango, and their manager Tanya for this interview, and to all the other talented artists who graced the stage!

I was lucky enough to see you perform recently, at the Freshgrass Music Festival in Northampton, MA, where Bonnie played the musical saw. Bonnie, where did you learn to play such an unusual instrument?

Bonnie: My friend Bruce Townshend taught me – we played in a band together with one of my sisters, and he gave me my first musical saw.

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Elephant Revival Review & Photos – Boston – 3/2/2013

Friday, March 8th, 2013

I’m a lucky girl. Living in Boston, one of the few cities in New England, I am guaranteed a visit by nearly every one of my favorite musicians. Moreover, I have an array of venues where I can see them – from the Orpheum to the Middle East, there are large and small venues located throughout the city and its surrounding suburbs. Few, however, offer the intimacy and history of Club Passim.  Read more…