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Billy Bobblehead Giveaway

Friday, December 16th, 2011

Billy Bobble Head

This month’s contest is for this beautiful Bill Nershi bobblehead. ┬áCourtesy of long time SCI fan, Landon Semones.

Congratulations to Josh Fitzgerald of Colorado on winning this prize!
His contest entry story:
My absolute favoooorite, is CBS(Colorado Bluebird Sky)!! It is an amazing song that reminds me how lucky i am to live in Colorado. In the sun, and the mountains. the song has come a long way since the last time i heard it, example…Roots Run Deep in Chicago. it was such a great end to a great set on Friday! I looked up during the middle and said “are you Kidding me right now!? oooooooohweeeeeeeee!” Such a great weekend at the best indoor venue ive been to. What a great weekend. i love the bobblehead and would make my Dresser or the Dash of my car just Bleed Billy.