Review: 2012-07-07 – Red Rocks

Review: 2012-07-07 – Red Rocks

July 27th, 2012
By Queso Grande

Saturday 07/07/2012 Red Rocks Amphitheater, Morrison, CO

Night three began with Rollover, yet another song about Mother Nature, which seemed to be elucidating a theme that had begun on night one and explicated on night two. Rollover led without finish into Colliding, a song which has grown on me more and more since it was first introduced in the fall. Drive was next, a song which is rarely played anymore since its introduction in 2005, co-written by John Perry Barlow and finding each verse sung by a different member of the band. By the time this song was ending, rains had come once again, not in a downpour as the night before, but a soft, gentle steady rain that continued for the rest of the show. Keith Moseley then led his creatively versed song Look at Where We Are, followed by Kyle’s contemplative song Piece of Mine, complete with Kyle’s well-known growl as he sang his lyrics. Las Vegas was to follow, with Billy’s silly lyrics offsetting the psychedelic melodies and strangely arranged changes. The new song BollyMunster caused the whole crowd to wriggle and squirm to the addictive beat of Jason’s percussion and Kang’s fiddle in the chilly rain. This eventually transitioned back into Rollover, which finished the set off as one very large and very tasty Rollover sandwich. Mmmm. . .

Rosie kicked off the second set on a high note and got everybody grooving again after what seemed to me like a long set break, with a strange choice of cover in the middle of the song. Black and White, with Keith’s funky bass line and Kang’s thoughtful lyrics segued into a rowdy Daryl. This was the first bluegrass song of the night, and had people kicking and do-se-doing to its fast tempo. Love is the Seventh Wave transitioned into Land’s End, which was beautifully done and took my mind to a long-lost loch somewhere in Ireland. Once again a nature-themed tune to continue the trend of the weekend. This long and winding song eventually turned into a high-energy On The Road to finish the set. Soon enough it would be time for those of us who were lucky enough to get on the road and continue on the tour with this wild band.

For the encore, only Billy and Travis came onstage, and once Travis got down on his knees next to the body of Billy’s guitar, I knew it would be a wild ride. Elvis’ Wild Ride to be exact, with Travis providing the beat with only his hands on Billy’s guitar as Nershi noodled up and down the neck of his instrument. The rest of the band came back onstage, and a heartfelt Joyful Sound had all of us singing along to every word in unison and swaying back and forth with the chorus. I have to say, I prefer the original version of this song better than the one they have been doing since last summer, but as I said before I welcome change, creativity and fresh approaches to songs. Perhaps one day they will return to playing it the “old school” way, and it will feel even better than ever, like hearing from a friend that you haven’t talked to in a long time. This Joyful song segued into a drum jam that meandered its way to Shine, one of the band’s finest compositions in my opinion. Beautiful lyrics, incredible chord changes, and mind-blowing heart-melting jams. I never wanted the song to end, but eventually it did. The band thanked the audience and walked off the stage, but the audience wouldn’t let up, and just like the night before the houselights didn’t come on. A second encore for the second night in a row? Yes! The boys took the stage once more for an energetic and rousting version of Johnny Cash.

The weekend was now over, and I was bursting with joy and happiness from deep within. Only this band can do what they do for me. The band was now heading west, and I was going to come along. It was time for me to put on my walking shoes and see what was in store on the road and around the bend.

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