EOTO – ZEE – Lotus Stage – Boston

EOTO – ZEE – Lotus Stage – Boston

February 13th, 2012
By Jeremy Lach

On Thursday, February 9 EOTO debuted their new Lotus stage setup.  Masterminded by the one and only VJ Zebbler, this 17 foot apparatus did not fail to impress.  The Zebbler Encanti Experience warmed up and dazzled the crowd with their unique blend of stone crushing bass and a larger than life visual display which filled up the entire width and height of the venue.  I walked through the crowd talking to people and it was clear that this was many people’s first EOTO show.  I assured them they were in for a treat.

Then after much anticipation, the curtain was lifted to reveal Jason Hann and Michael Travis elevated above the stage and enclosed by the giant lotus flower.  For the next hour and a half it was non-stop EOTO madness.  They shifted styles throughout the night, turning on a dime and varying the music from dubstep to house and everything in between.

It was a special show, being the debut of their new stage rig and also due to the film crew who documented the whole show for a later release.  Musically, the boys delivered what I’ve come to expect from an EOTO show: organic, hard, bass driven music.  Much like a String Cheese Incident show, this show was just as much about the friends in attendance as it was about the music.  It was tough to do a 360 turn without seeing a familiar, glowing, smiling face.  If you’re reading this page, no doubt you have experienced the same thing at an EOTO show too.

Thank you to Jason, Travis, Zebbler, Encanti, Chris, Shibby and the rest of the crew for doing what you do.  Till next time…

Photos by Margaret Quigley

Photos by Margaret Quigley

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  1. Steve says:

    Your pix are awesome. Do you have an agent?

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