EOTO – Boston 2011

EOTO – Boston 2011

April 19th, 2011
By Jeremy Lach


This past Saturday EOTO came to town. Let’s face it, EOTO is not SCI. EOTO is a whole other beast, a nonstop force of bass with one purpose: make the crowd dance and dance and dance. Nothing too profound there. Yet EOTO shows are still packed with eager young bass heads as well as veteran SCI fans, night after night.

I was happy to revisit the Paradise and see what EOTO had in store for Boston. This is the third time EOTO has played the Paradise and it was a full house. I showed up rocking an official String Cheese Radio tshirt and immediately met up with some local “cheeseoto” heads standing in line. I was also happy to see some friends who I met in Virginia at Hulaween 2011.

Boston native Supersillyus opened the show with his dubbed out psychedelic beats. A few lucky fans got to taste the homemade pancakes that the man in the viking hat was frying up on the side of the stage. I’ve seen Supersillyus a few other times and these pancakes seem to be a staple of his shows.

Next was Encanti, another Boston native. Encanti, a producer/dj and his VJ counterpart, Zebbler who are known together as the Zebbler Encanti Experience have been touring with EOTO since the start of this tour. Unfortunately, last week Zebbler had to part ways with EOTO to join Shpongle on his tour and operate the “Shpongletron”, a giant tower of screens which provide the backdrop for Zebbler’s intricate and imaginative video projections. Encanti dropped track after track of original bass heavy beats on the eager crowd, all the while dancing around the stage in some official EOTO booty shorts. Encanti was happy to oblige the front row by letting them grope and pull on his 8inch+ beard.

And then it was time. The crowd cheered and EOTO took the stage. I noticed Jason Hann had a microphone equipped headset, clearly an indicator of his affinity for live vocal clips. After a short sweeping and swooping intro, they dove head first into their trademarked dirty dubstep. The rest of the night passed in a glorious blur of audio and visual stimulation (Encanti has taken over the VJ duties in Zebbler’s absence). EOTO played one long set and didn’t come back for an encore. But it was enough, the crowd was dazed and I left the show satisfied.

All in all, I had a great time at the EOTO show. Lots of new and old friends and a good excuse to party. If you haven’t seen EOTO in a while, definitely catch them when they come to a city near you. Their visuals are fun and fresh and their sound is hard and heavy. Bring some friends, make some new ones, and tell ‘em String Cheese Radio sent you.

Review by: Jeremy Lach
Photos by: Lincoln Bryant (UnHeadUv.com)

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