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Hot Buttered Rum Review & Photos – Boston, MA – 3/21/2013

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

It’s always a nice surprise to show up to a bluegrass show and see a packed house, especially in an urban east coast venue.  The intimate Church of Boston holds 225 people but it was near capacity this past Thursday night.  Chasing Blue started things off with Scranton, Pennsylvania’s Cabinet playing second.  San Francisco based bluegrass rockers, Hot Buttered Rum headlined the night.

Cabinet is a 6 piece band with a lively bluegrass sound and a skilled drummer that kept my feet moving.  They were the perfect way to get pumped for the main event, Hot Buttered Rum.  Somehow this lovable bluegrass band Read more…

Elephant Revival Review & Photos – Boston – 3/2/2013

Friday, March 8th, 2013

I’m a lucky girl. Living in Boston, one of the few cities in New England, I am guaranteed a visit by nearly every one of my favorite musicians. Moreover, I have an array of venues where I can see them – from the Orpheum to the Middle East, there are large and small venues located throughout the city and its surrounding suburbs. Few, however, offer the intimacy and history of Club Passim.  Read more…

Jomeokee Festival Review

Friday, September 21st, 2012

Jomeokee was a special experience.  Set in the rolling hills of Pinnacle, North Carolina, festival-goers were treated to a unique and eclectic blend of bluegrass, jazz, funk, roots, reggae, and much more, all with the stunning backdrop of Pilot Mountain State Park. I find it comforting that, in an age of ever-advancing technology, one can still experience a weekend of music so rooted in tradition. Other Jomeokee festiv-ees certainly would agree, as the atmosphere immediately took on one of excitement and curiosity, with most band-members quickly adopting the name “Jam-eokee” to describe the experience. This is precisely was Jomeokee was: an incessant flow of rootsy improvisation. Read more…

Review: 2012-07-07 – Red Rocks

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Saturday 07/07/2012 Red Rocks Amphitheater, Morrison, CO

Night three began with Rollover, yet another song about Mother Nature, which seemed to be elucidating a theme that had begun on night one and explicated on night two. Rollover led without finish into Colliding, a song which has grown on me more and more since it was first introduced in the fall. Drive was next, a song which is rarely played anymore since its introduction in 2005, co-written by John Perry Barlow and finding each verse sung by a different member of the band. By the time this song was ending, rains had come once again, not in a downpour as the night before, but a soft, gentle steady rain that continued for the rest of the show. Keith Moseley then led his creatively versed song Look at Where We Are, followed by Kyle’s contemplative song Piece of Mine, complete with Kyle’s well-known growl as he sang his lyrics. Las Vegas was to follow, with Billy’s silly lyrics offsetting the psychedelic melodies and strangely arranged changes. The new song BollyMunster caused the whole crowd to wriggle and squirm to the addictive beat of Jason’s percussion and Kang’s fiddle in the chilly rain. This eventually transitioned back into Rollover, which finished the set off as one very large and very tasty Rollover sandwich. Mmmm. . .

Rosie kicked off the second set Read more…

Review & Photos: 2012-07-06 – Red Rocks

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

Friday 07/06/2012 Red Rocks Amphitheater, Morrison, CO

Night two! Scattered rain in the parking lot before the show and rainy forecasts left an ominous vibe accompanying the gathering black clouds as we assembled to get inside of Red Rocks Amphitheater. A strong Birdland opener was full of an energy that I felt had been missing for most of the show the night before. Without stop the boys sandwiched a whooping Wheel Hoss into the middle of Birdland. Clouds were gathering as the song Rain steamed full speed ahead. Once the jam had concluded and Kyle began to repeat “Rain come!” the rain came, as if from nowhere, into a torrential downpour that had every inch of my body completely soaked within two minutes. Read more…

Review: 2012-07-05 – Red Rocks

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012


Thursday 07/05/2012 Red Rocks Amphitheater, Morrison, CO

Arriving at Red Rocks, I felt a mix of emotions; an overwhelming sense of nostalgia and memories, comprised with anticipation and eagerness. The day had finally arrived and soon the first of three shows at this amazing venue would be underway! Soon enough, as I strolled the parking lot I was bombarded with familiar faces everywhere I turned, accompanied by heartfelt hugs and Cheesy smiles from a crowd of not just fans but family, who were all just as happy to be there as I was. Standing in line to get in, I heard the first notes of Sometimes a River, a great way to start the weekend of on a solid foundation. I got inside and found my space as Keith’s song was coming to a close. Kyle Hollingsworth’s song Lost segued into the instrumental Cissy Strut, and then right into Pygmy Pony. Nershi’s tune Song in my Head had everybody bouncing to its catchy groove. At one point in this set between songs, Keith Moseley briefly delved into the countless loss of homes and property in the state of Colorado by the ravenous wildfires that were devastating several areas of the state simultaneously. He told us that volunteers would be coming through the crowd with fireman’s boots, and that we were invited to donate money by putting it into the boots. This money would help the firefighters and the people who had been displaced and otherwise affected by the tragic fires. This once again demonstrates the philanthropy that String Cheese has always been involved in. These six men are not only fantastic musicians, but also good people who are fighting the good fight. When the boot came around, I put money in the boot, and many others were compelled to do the same. We were all praying for rain, but we wouldn’t realize how powerful our prayers would be until the following night. Read more…

Leftover Salmon – Aquatic Hitchhiker – Review

Friday, May 18th, 2012

Leftover Salmon Aquatic Hitchhiker Review

Eight years in the making Leftover Salmon’s Aquatic Hitchhiker finally hit record stores last week.  A truly original work of art this album is everything Salmon with absolutely no filler.  Comprised of road-tested tracks as well as Read more…

EOTO – ZEE – Lotus Stage – Boston

Monday, February 13th, 2012

On Thursday, February 9 EOTO debuted their new Lotus stage setup.  Masterminded by the one and only VJ Zebbler, this 17 foot apparatus did not fail to impress.  The Zebbler Encanti Experience warmed up and dazzled the crowd with their unique blend of stone crushing bass and a larger than life visual display which filled up the entire width and height of the venue.  I walked through the crowd talking to people and it was clear that this was many people’s first EOTO show.  I assured them they were in for a treat.

Then after much anticipation, the curtain was lifted to reveal Jason Hann and Michael Travis elevated above the stage and enclosed by the giant lotus flower.  For the next hour and a half Read more…

Railroad Earth 12/31/2011 Photos

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

Railroad Earth brought in 2012 at the Ogden Theatre in Denver, CO. Here’s some photos to relive the magic.

12/31/11 (Sat)  Ogden Theatre – Denver, CO 

Set 1: Railroad Earth, Happy Song, Carrying Coal to Newcastle, Mission Man, Everything Comes Together

Set 2: Right in Tune, The Green Roofs of Eireann > Birds of America, Dance Around Molly > Dandelion Wine, The Cuckoo, Sometimes a River (A), Gold Rush

Set 3: Railroad Earth Jungle Jam > Mayan God Kukulkan Countdown to 2012 > Son of Mr. Green Genes > Spring-Heeled Jack, Give That Boy a Hand, Magic Foot > Luxury Liner, Warhead Boogie > Storms, Water Fountain Quicksand, E: Hard Livin’, All Things Must Pass (B), Peace on Earth

Comment: (A) With Keith Moseley on electric guitar and shared lead vocals with Todd Sheaffer. (B) First time played, written by George Harrison.

Photos by Elizabeth Drews



Photos by Elizabeth Drews

Railroad Earth 12/30/2011 Review & Photos

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

Railroad Earth with Kyle Hollingsworth and Dumptruck Butterlips 12-30-11

For the second time in two years I headed down to the Ogden to catch Railroad Earth for a night of their New Year’s run. Last year I saw them with Great American Taxi on NYE, this year I headed down on the 30th mainly because the show included a sit-in with Kyle Hollingsworth. Including my trip to Chicago this would be the fifth time in a month seeing Kyle live. Amy picked me up from work and we headed out to a nice sushi dinner before heading over to the box office. We hit up Pete’s Monkey Bar to catch a bit of the Phish live stream from MSG before walking back to The Ogden to see the opening act. On the MusicMarauders Live podcast Tim Carbone talked highly of Dumptruck Butterlips so I figured we should get in early to catch them.

Hailing from Lawrence Kansas, this four-piece acoustic act was interesting to say the least.  With an odd lineup consisting of three ladies on accordion, washboard, and upright bass and a gentleman on guitar. The most striking element of Dumptruck Butterlips was their vocal harmonization. They had a Midwest hometown feel to their sound. They sang about heavy drinking without fear of throwing an f-bomb or two into their lyrics. At times musically they showed their freshness to the scene, but the overall effect of their performance was enjoyable. They finished their set with Tim Carbone and Adam Goessling. They were a good choice for the opening act and a group I will keep an eye on in the future.

Railroad Earth came onto the stage around 9:30 PM. Kyle’s keys were Read more…