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Lincoln Theatre – Washington DC – Photos

November 12th, 2014
By Jeremy Lach


Photos by Terry Rogers

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Suwannee Hulaween 2014 – Review & Photos

November 11th, 2014
By Corey Graham

The String Cheese Incident @ Suwannee Hulaween, Live Oak Florida 10/31/2014 – 11/02/2014


Did you make the very best of your Halloween experience? I know that I surely did, what better place to be than at one of the most amazing outdoor venues in the country with one of the top notch jam bands of today, The String Cheese Incident. The festival had a lot to offer to music lovers of all kinds with other varieties of musical acts. Suwannee Hulaween produced a weekend packed with high energy, Halloween shenanigans, theatrics, solid tunes, and clear skies. It was great weather all weekend day and night, which was amazing considering the cold front that took hold of the east coast on Saturday and Sunday evening.

The String Cheese Incident started the weekend off right with a “Friday The 13th Jam” > Restless Wind sing along. The rest of the first set Read more…

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Top 10 Reasons We’re Psyched for Suwannee Hulaween – 2014

October 19th, 2014
By Natalia Samman


3 Nights, 7 Sets of the String Cheese Incident
Halloween has always been a time for SCI to shine. It’s a time to showcase the band’s full musical range and artistic flair. This weekend you’re bound to hear old favorites and new hits. Eye candy will be plentiful. We can only imagine and anticipate what musical highs will be reached over and over again until we’re left with nothing but wide eyes and smiles from ear to ear.

The Line Up
No matter whether you’re into the twang or the womp, 2014′s line up is stacked with the best of the best. Bliss out to String Cheese Incident, get grimy with Big Gigantic and exotic with Beats Antique, get happy with Keller Williams and stompin’ with Greensky Bluegrass, get psychedelic with Shpongle and jammy with New Deal, get worldly with Thievery and Jerry with Joe Russo’s Almost Dead.
Special Shout Out to the Little(er) Guys…
This year we’re particular excited for the soulful crooning of the sexy sisters of Rising Appalachia, the feel-good bluegrass of AppleButter Express, the jazzy funk of Kung Fu.

The Covers
Cheese has teased that we’ll be getting an “AfterLife” themed cover set…what’s it going to be? In the past we’ve seen everything covered from Spiderman to Edgar Allen Poe covers. Covers are the equivalent of a musical costume, and we can’t wait to see what all the bands do with the holiday that’s all about pretending to be someone else.

The Pre-party
Thursday night Electron and Particle will be kicking things off. Particle, after having been on hiatus, came back with a vengeance in 2013 and have been sounding better and better with every show. Molitz will be paving the way to outer space with his keys yet again, no doubt. Electron is stacked with some of the hottest musicians in the jamtronica scene right now. Yo Momma’s Big Fat Booty Band, Modern Measure, and MZG will be adding to the grooves.

Spirit of Suwannee Music Park
Any list of the most beautiful venues in the country inevitably includes the Spirit of Suwannee Music Park. Regaled for it’s 800 acres of mighty oaks draped in Spanish moss, balmy Florida weather, and the peaceful Suwannee River cutting through it all, Cheese couldn’t have picked a better spot for the annual Halloween shenanigans. With hiking, fishing, swimming, horses, a bird sanctuary, bat house, and golf cart tours of the grounds, you don’t even need to go to the three stages to have a great time (…but you really should).

The Visual Art
The visual art directors over at Hulaween are promising “an epic
fusion of dazzling lights, art installations and performance art that morphs the Spirit Lake waterfront and adjacent forest into a vivid dream-like space that fully engages the senses. Working with some of the Southeast’s most talented sculptors, fire/metal workers, painters, performance artists and lighting designers”. All this plus live painting and the always phenomenal posters and merchandise- we can’t wait!

The Crowd
The Hoopers and the Smilers bring the warm, fuzzy vibes all weekend long. Known for their love of performance art, get-ups like walking NiteBrites, patchwork, and homegrown lovin’, these folks are strange but not strangers- the weird, the colorful, the freaky people who’ll hug you at first sight, dance the night away, and be your best friends by the end of day two.

The Production
Let’s face it, if there’s anyone who knows how to throw the party of
the century, it’s SCI. From performers, stilt-walking, and jugglers throughout the crowds to aerial dancers gracefully defying gravity to a sure-to-sizzle light show that’ll be seen from space, Cheese aims to please when it comes to enhancing the party experience. Hulaween is sure to be the hottest halloween party around.

The Camping
Perhaps one of the more overlooked highlights of the Spirit of Suwanee is the camping. It’s got everything you need for a great time: car camping, fire rings, tons of shade beneath the majestic Oak trees and smiles for miles. This year, Hulaween is even offering a campsite-decorating contest, including an opportunity for a VIP upgrade for the whoever’s got sweetest digs.

The Lake and the Silent Disco
Spirit Lake, a highlight of the park, will be getting some extra TLC from the art and light crew. We’ve heard rumors of a light show over the lake, and installations all along the shore. Watch the sunset reflect off the water and stargaze at night, then head over to the Silent Disco for both acoustic and electronic acts and dance, dance, dance!


Get pumped with some of these Halloween shows from past years.

Hulaween 2013 - Suwannee

Halloween 2004 – Madison, WI

Trick or Treat Compilation

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Yonder Mountain & Railroad Earth – Hampton Beach 2014 – Review & Photos

July 21st, 2014
By Natalia Samman


Photos and words by Natalia Samman

Quick! Think of your top five favorite things: if bluegrass, dancing, beaches, moonlight, and adorable fiddle players aren’t on that list, then we probably aren’t friends, and you’re probably on the wrong website. If they were on the list, then the bluegrass get-down falling coincidentally on the rare “Supermoon” last Saturday night was heaven on earth. On Saturday, July 12th, 2014 Railroad Earth and Yonder Mountain String Band with Allie Kral rocked the final night of their nearly three week tour in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire.

The Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom is a historic site whose rustic wooden beams and floorboards have vibrated with the chords of such legends as Led Zepplin, B.B. King, Janis Joplin, and Phish. Through the open doors, one could see beyond the boardwalk to the ocean waves and the epic Supermoon glowing luminously above it all.

Railroad kicked it off Read more…

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Grateful to be Cheesy – A Poem

July 8th, 2014
By Corey Graham


Grateful to be Cheesy

Welcome to the ocean of my head… the Rainbow Serpent sings as I’m Untying the Knot as we get One Step Closer.  There are Good Times Around the Bend and soon we’ll be drinking Whiskey for Breakfast as we Climb our Way Back Home into the beautiful Colorado Bluebird Sky.  I’ve travelled through the Ring of Fire and the Cold Rain and Snow.  I’m ready to Pack it Up and feel the Rhythm of the Road, leave my Footprints and Sing a New Song.  We’ll be On The Road to Las Vegas, we’ll see the Desert Dawn, and if we hear Sirens, well…we Can’t Stop Now.  Can’t Wait Another Day to be in San Jose looking out our Hotel Window as the Rain falls from the Black Clouds.  Galactic Glory Chords play Just One Story, Sweet Melinda says we must keep our heads up and leave for Shantytown by tomorrow night.  Next we’ll head Up The Canyon to Windy Mountain, Bam! Look at Where We Are, So Far From Home.  It was the Best Feeling in the world.  If we Open Wide and hear that Joyful Sound of the Water Colliding with the Jellyfish, we’ll fall into the Rivertrance.  Love is Like A Train, kinda like a White Freightliner, I tell ya man, It Is What It Is.  Soon I’ll be Sitting On Top of the World, Rollin’ in my Sweet Baby’s Arms, of course after Doin’ My Time.  When together again Let’s Go Outside and just watch the sun Shine.  We’ll put on some Grateful Dead and Smile!  Johnny Cash don’t smoke hash, but Rosie and Daryl do!  I sit on this Barstool After Midnight and ask myself, Who Am I?  Seems this experience has taken me Round the Wheel and looked through the Looking Glass at Ms. Brown’s Teahouse down in the Valley of the Jig.  Well it’s Late in the Evening and I’ve Got a Song In My Head, you might be Missin’ Me while reading this, but look at the bright side, soon we’ll be headed down to Shakedown Street!


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Delfest 2014 – Review & Photos

June 2nd, 2014
By Jeremy Lach


Photos by Natalia Samman
Review by Natalia Samman & Jeremy Lach

It goes without saying that festivals are the closest thing to heaven on Earth if you’re a lover of music, camping, and general merriment.  But these days, even festi-heaven has its drawbacks: the buzzkill of face-planted partiers, hustlers trying to make a buck every ten minutes, missing entire sets for a half hour walk between campsites and stages, and sticky-fingered sketchballs who forgot to pack their morality.  But fear not, festie-friends!  Delfest is tiny slice of heaven free of all that mess, a place where twang will soothe the soul, a veritable Eden of all that is right with the world.

The Allegheny Fairgrounds in Cumberland, Maryland, is an Read more…

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Fox Theatre – Oakland, CA – Photos

April 29th, 2014
By Jeremy Lach



Read more…

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Georgia Theatre Contest

April 21st, 2014
By Jeremy Lach


SCI is returning to the Georgia Theatre this May.  Here’s your chance to win a ticket to the sold out Friday show!

Please only one entry per person.  There will be 1 winner.  Winner will be contacted this weekend via email.  If you win, please respond asap with your mailing address.

Please complete the form below and like the SCI Radio page on facebook to be eligible.

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SCI Mexico International Incident Setlists

February 24th, 2014
By Jeremy Lach

Here’s the skinny on the shows from this past week in Mexico!

SCI Mexico Setl

2/20/2014 Hard Rock Hotel – Riviera Maya, Mexico

Margaritaville, Come As You Are, Song In My Head, Mouna Bowa, Look At Where We Are, Missin’ Me > Black Clouds > This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) > Black Clouds

Land’s End > Glory Chords > Can’t Wait Another Day, Miss Brown’s Teahouse, Midnight Moonlight, Sand Dollar, Joyful Sound > EOTO Jam > Just One Story



2/21/2014 Hard Rock Hotel – Riviera Maya, Mexico


Close Your Eyes > Can’t Stop Now, Moonflower, Stay Through > Search, Freedom Jazz Dance, Blackberry Blossom, Outside Inside, Mysterious Ways > Outside Inside

Jellyfish > Rollover > Bumpin’ Reel, Hotel Window, Way Back Home > Late In The Evening > Rollover

Boogie On Reggae Woman


2/22/2014 Hard Rock Hotel – Riviera Maya, Mexico

Joker, Lester, So Far From Home, Lets Go Outside> Birdland, Rolling In my Sweet Baby’s Arms1, Windy Mountain>Desert Dawn

Shake Your Body Down To The Ground2, Rosie, Sirens > So Lonely > Sirens, Black and White, Piece of Mine, Ring of Fire, Restless Wind

Bollymunster, Brown Eyed Girl > Texas

1 with Dierks Bentley, 2 with Jen Hartswick,

Thanks to for the setlists

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SCI at Delfest

February 13th, 2014
By Jeremy Lach

I am extremely excited to see The String Cheese Incident back east for a 2 set festival appearance at the Delfest bluegrass festival.  See you there!


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