Salmon Stream – April Fools!

Salmon Stream – April Fools!

April 1st, 2013
By Jeremy Lach

Logo courtesy of Nayr Nagirrek

Since 2008, String Cheese Radio has streamed String Cheese Incident relentlessly. Day and night with few breaks. Today you are witnessing a transformation. We are diving a bit deeper into the legacy of this Colorado jam band. You may be aware of a certain band which has been SCI’s greatest influence. This band is also known for their live show spectacles and unique history. Just like SCI, they’ve taken some time off but they’re back and reminding music lovers what a festivallllll is all about! They can put a smile on your face in an instant and they can keep it there all night long. They have a serious silly side that I think you will love. You may be asking yourself…. who is this incredible band? Well then I say to you: You. Must. Ask. The FISH!

Tune in to Salmon Stream: Streaming Live Leftover Salmon 24/7! Right here on

I look forward to hearing feedback about the new site in the comments area below.

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3 Responses to “Salmon Stream – April Fools!”

  1. torin says:

    april fools i assume? stick with SCI buddy

  2. honeynoats says:

    I enjoyed getting a bunch of salmon for a bit. I’d never want to lose cheese radio, but I’d certainly be open to hearing more salmon.

    Maybe make a time period each day, or each week or something that’s dedicated to cheese friends. We already get some, but I’m totally into hearing more salmon and more railroad, some hot butter, and maybe some elephant? I’d be into it. Not sure about everyone else, but I’d love it.

    Thanks for coming up with silly April Fool’s jokes and keeping it interesting.

  3. DFranks says:

    MORE SALMON. gotta get those heart healthy salmon jams.

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