Grateful to be Cheesy – A Poem

Grateful to be Cheesy – A Poem

July 8th, 2014
By Corey Graham


Grateful to be Cheesy

Welcome to the ocean of my head… the Rainbow Serpent sings as I’m Untying the Knot as we get One Step Closer.  There are Good Times Around the Bend and soon we’ll be drinking Whiskey for Breakfast as we Climb our Way Back Home into the beautiful Colorado Bluebird Sky.  I’ve travelled through the Ring of Fire and the Cold Rain and Snow.  I’m ready to Pack it Up and feel the Rhythm of the Road, leave my Footprints and Sing a New Song.  We’ll be On The Road to Las Vegas, we’ll see the Desert Dawn, and if we hear Sirens, well…we Can’t Stop Now.  Can’t Wait Another Day to be in San Jose looking out our Hotel Window as the Rain falls from the Black Clouds.  Galactic Glory Chords play Just One Story, Sweet Melinda says we must keep our heads up and leave for Shantytown by tomorrow night.  Next we’ll head Up The Canyon to Windy Mountain, Bam! Look at Where We Are, So Far From Home.  It was the Best Feeling in the world.  If we Open Wide and hear that Joyful Sound of the Water Colliding with the Jellyfish, we’ll fall into the Rivertrance.  Love is Like A Train, kinda like a White Freightliner, I tell ya man, It Is What It Is.  Soon I’ll be Sitting On Top of the World, Rollin’ in my Sweet Baby’s Arms, of course after Doin’ My Time.  When together again Let’s Go Outside and just watch the sun Shine.  We’ll put on some Grateful Dead and Smile!  Johnny Cash don’t smoke hash, but Rosie and Daryl do!  I sit on this Barstool After Midnight and ask myself, Who Am I?  Seems this experience has taken me Round the Wheel and looked through the Looking Glass at Ms. Brown’s Teahouse down in the Valley of the Jig.  Well it’s Late in the Evening and I’ve Got a Song In My Head, you might be Missin’ Me while reading this, but look at the bright side, soon we’ll be headed down to Shakedown Street!


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