December 8th, 2010
By Jeremy Lach

A friend of mine runs this site which has tons of live concert videos from bands like SCI, Lettuce, STS9, Bonobo (to name a few) as well as some live streaming shows…

DéJamVu: (dei-jam-’vu) is all about experiencing the music first-hand even when for one reason or another the music could not be heard live. To all the people who understand what we are talking about, we gladly provide you with free access to DeJamVu. Our ultimate goal is to provide an online source for sharing live music and ultimately letting others Re-Experience the Music, via

If you would like to take part in this up and coming community please take note; become a member, bookmark, add to your favorites, link us on other online communities, and ultimitely spread the good word. We look forward to hearing responses from others wanting to take part in DeJamVu.

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