YarmonyGrass 2010 – Review & Photos

YarmonyGrass 2010 – Review & Photos

August 31st, 2010
By Ariel Mamane

Todd and Andrew of Railroad Earth

Driving down the dusty road at night turned into a challenge as we neared the festival grounds. Having some trouble finding the main entrance because of there being no lighting, A dark colored Subaru outback makes a u-turn and zooms up to our own Subaru’s window and the driver asks, “Do you know where Yarmony is?!” It’s Kyle Hollingsworth. With this as our first interaction at Yarmony it was apparent that the little festival fostered the String Cheese family feeling we all came to know and love.

Rancho Del Rio, (near yarmony’s old site State Bridge) a sort-of hippie commune in the beautiful rocky mountains, which is wandered through by the great Colorado River, saw about 1000 attendees. Riverside camping allowed festivarians to cool off at many points throughout the sweltering day without having to make much of a trek from their site. The campsites were peaceful and friendly, the air blasting full of 90′s cheese shows, while still making way for the partying animals moving about.

We arrived late, but thankfully Railroad Earth played a stunning second set until 1 AM on saturday night. They nailed songs such as “Colorado”, “Warhead Boogie,” “The Forecast” and during “I Need a Card” people were throwing cards in the air like confetti. We got the Jack of hearts. After their set, Kyle’s Band featuring Garret Sayers, Dave Watts  and Dan Schwindt along with special guests DJ Logic and Liza played a much needed funky-as-heck late night set Including an awesome rendition of BooBoo’s Pik a Nik. It was thoroughly enjoyed by the crowd of which half remained until the very end which was at 4:30 AM.  Kyle ended by saying, “It’s 4:30, time to go to bed.” It was a very well put together set for Kyle’s band. Garret Sayers a.k.a. “Garret Slayers” (nicknamed after his performance that night) is also always a highlight and fun to watch with his african highlife and bebop jazz style influences.

To boot, security was even very nice and calm. This meant that when people were caught sneaking in they were made to work either picking up trash or helping in some other way. At the end of the festival Security was going around and arranging carpools for people to get home to major cities. The community aspect of Yarmony amazed me and I hope to see more festivals like this. This is the Colorado way.

Photos by: Brian Spady
Review by Ariel Mamane

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