Top Things to Look Forward to at Hulaween

Top Things to Look Forward to at Hulaween

October 14th, 2015
By Terry "Chez" Rogers

Hulaween is just over two weeks away!  In case you’re not excited enough already, or in case you’re on the fence about going, here’s a few things a group of vets are most excited about in 2015, with a look back at the past two years.

1. Spirit Lake

C’mon…..outside of Horning’s Hideout, where else is there an absolutely amazing lake in the middle of the festival grounds?


But to take it up a notch even above the Horning’s lake, where else is there a lake completely done up in lights and surrounded by an unreal trippy, Halloween-themed art show that amazes and mesmerizes both day and night?  And, to top it off, there’s a stage in the middle of it!  The Larry Keel late night set in 2013 was among many musical highlights from Hulaweens past on the Spirit Lake Stage.  A highlight of the art installation from the last two years – this glow-in-the-dark tennis ball creation from 2013:


What new item will amaze this year?  What Spirit Lake Stage set will blow minds?

2. The Jellyfish Swings

Yes, they’re part of #1.  But they need a mention of their own.  They’re sparkly and swingy and so much fun and everybody waits and takes turns just like elementary school and ends up with happy smiles.  If you haven’t experienced them at ~2am, they’re reason enough to attend Hulaween!



3. Halloween Night

The first two years, Halloween was the first full night of the festival.  This year, the calendar was nice enough to have it fall on Saturday.  Two days (because everyone knows you need to arrive Thursday!) to settle in, decorate your campsite, finish your costume(s), and get freaky before really letting loose on Saturday.



4. The Venue
Quite simply one of the very top festival grounds in the country and most definitely the absolute best place for this festival.  The trees and the Spanish moss dangling from them add to the spooky ambiance.  The camping is topnotch, with fires allowed for the chilly nights that might happen even in Florida, and there are endless nooks and crannies to explore.  And the decorated campsites that spring up all over it are a show in and of themselves.



5. The Lineup

Umm….have you looked at it?  There’s something for everyone all day, every day.


6. 7 sets of Cheese
Because 3 full shows aren’t enough for this festival.  The middle set on Halloween night is an extravaganza not to be missed.  The first two years were full of amazing covers, guest musicians, and visual displays and you KNOW they’ve got something great planned for this year.


Check out the past two years’ Halloween shows – with a couple of particular highlights that stand out:
Valley of the Jig>Halloween Jam>Texas,10017/The-String-Cheese-Incident-mp3-flac-download-10-31-2013-The-Spirit-of-the-Suwannee-Music-Park-Live-Oak-FL.html
Live & Let Die>Thriller,11537/The-String-Cheese-Incident-mp3-flac-download-10-31-2014-Suwannee-Hulaween-Live-Oak-FL.html

7. JRAD Thursday Night
This band is absolutely on-fire as of late.  You need to arrive on Thursday – not just because you don’t want to miss a day of fun, but you absolutely do not want to miss this band.  If you’re not familiar, get yourself to Archive and check out the Brooklyn Bowl run from Oct 2-4.

8. The Ferris Wheel
Because there’s a freakin’ ferris wheel on the concert field.  ‘Nuff said.


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  1. Travelinrob says:

    We had an awesome, awesome, awesome time!!! Two thumbs and two big toes up!!!!! We loved the play area set up around the lake. Lasers, lights, paintings, sculptures, performance art, music, fire, and lots of LOVE!!!! We caught sunset from the ferris wheel and enjoyed all of the burning man type elements, too. We’ve been attending festivals at Spirit of Suwannee for years and this tops them all. Nice job and thank you!!! Xo

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