The Rothbury Incident 2011

The Rothbury Incident 2011

October 20th, 2010
By Jeremy Lach


“We’re also planning on doing something next summer at the Rothbury site. That will be a weekend festival with a lot of String Cheese sets. It’ll be different from Rothbury in that it will be more like our thing at Horning’s, where String Cheese plays every night, and it will include bands in our String Cheese family with art installations and that kind of thing.”

-Billy Nershi in an interview from

Read the whole thing here: Billy Interview

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86 Responses to “The Rothbury Incident 2011”

  1. Mike F says:

    This sounds like a blast. Making 2011 Rothbury a String Cheese Family/Madison House Family production would be great. Obviously YMSB would be there. I’m reflecting on the Big Summer Classic tour of 2005 with Umphreys, Keller, etc… Madison House represents so many great musicians this will truly be a special festival. I doubt the festival would get bigger but the quality would increase. Rothbury attracts such an advanced and respectable crowd that the atmosphere would be unbeatable. Lets do all we can to help SCI pull this off!

    Thanks guys!

  2. josh says:

    I think this is f***ing stupid. String Cheese isn’t even good. I’d rather have no Rothbury than a String Cheese festival on the Rothbury site. Why can’t you f***s find a different site for your stupid festival. Does anyone even listen to String Cheese any more? Jesus Christ.

    • Nick says:

      You are a douchebag

    • Cheese Fan says:

      If you don’t like or listen to SCI, then why are you on the String Cheese Radio website? Just to see what’s going on so you can talk shit? I don’t go to websites that are exclusively set up for bands I do not like.

      • Cheeserrr says:

        No…he wasn’t just trolling the cheese site, he googled “Rothbury 2011″, found out about the “Rothbury Incident” idea and linked to here…

    • MICHELLE says:

      um your f***ing stupid dude, CHEEESE is the greatest band ever and they should most def play at rothbury so shove it up your ass and you obviously shouldnt go to any festys cause your a hater.

    • i says:

      SCI is awesome and so are all the bands that could potentially be at this festival. mainly umphrey’s tho. umphrey’s umphrey’s umphrey’s. if u dont like sci or umph gtfo noob.

    • Lauren says:

      First off, and most importantly, I’d like to add that Billy clearly states in the article that SCI is “…planning on doing something next summer at the Rothbury site…That will be a weekend festival…” So, what Billy said in NO WAY confirms that SCI = Rothbury this summer, just simply that it will be “at the Rothbury SITE!” And for a “WEEKEND” no less, Rothbury has always been 5 days, not a “weekend,” as Billy states in the article. Billy EVEN goes on to say that: …”It’ll be different from Rothbury…”, meaning, not as crowded and big in my opinion, no where in the article did it say Rothbury will be a SCI party this summer, however, that WOULD be f***ing awesome, but that they are planning a concert AT THE LOCATION with their Cheesy friends……that’s just like a concert anywhere dude, don’t jump to conclusions….READ! I mean what is this?! Ameteur hour?? Josh, especially, your comments are laughable, not only that but, they portray your blatant, and really, quite SAD, inability to read or have class….so, go f*** yourself Josh-i-ego!
      Finally, SCI is f***in’ NASTY awesome! Anyone who can’t understand, or at LEAST respect that, either hasn’t ever had the pleasure of experiencing a live show and the social effervescence of it all, and/or just can’t recognize good music or talented players, like SCI’s, when they hear them. I mean, the way they can just seamlessly jam, impromptu, making every show unique and different…..damn that’s just NASTY. But, that’s okay, not everyone has an open mind, or are taught to be respectful….but, an ear for good music (IE: anything outside the 3 power chords of mainstream music/bands), that just can’t be learned, it’s innate….you either feel it, or you don’t… you can always try to learn to be respectful, or to try to have an open mind but, ignorance and pure stupidity, now THAT is FOREVER….get off your soap box, enjoy music, and the experience–that’s what it’s all about, not your petty bull shit.

    • CheeseHead says:

      F*** you man why are you even on this website. Get the f*** out of here

    • Pat says:

      haha, string cheese shows are the most fun a person can have with their pants on. yes, people love string cheese. they are so relevant that they may steal an event as big as rothbury sucka. so get down or don’t be around playa. I’m in and can’t wait. IT’s cheese fest and further fest for me nest summer.

    • hill says:

      BLASPHEMY!!! get outta here

    • reef says:

      wow dude your a jackass!! why are you even on this website if you hate string cheese so much?

    • Justin says:

      cheese is theee shit my friend you obviously have no idea what real music is.

    • rojo says:

      hater.. man everyone listens to cheese… thats why they are having a festival…. DUH you DUMBASS!

    • Gerb says:

      You have obviously never seen a cheese show

    • Tony says:

      You obviously know nothing about music…… I bet your favorite band is Jonsi.

    • butt says:

      hey nobody cares

      infact. we’re GLAD you wont be there.
      and if string cheese wasn’t good then how would they get their own festivals all the time?

      go cry somewhere else

    • Knotty Natty says:

      You do realise that SCI’s production crew ran rothbury…

    • jaiidali says:

      All love Brother! We all had a fantastic time in 2009! Sure to have another great reunion in 2011!

    • matthew says:

      You must be miserable and i speak for all of us KIDS Please dont go to this fest as much as you dislike Cheese for whatever reason we dislike your vibes. just stay home and hate we dont need it…

  3. Emmett says:

    F*** you josh string cheese is better at playing music than you will ever be at anything.

  4. lyndsey says:

    ok josh rude.

  5. Tony V says:

    Thank you Josh for coming to a String Cheese oriented website and gracing us with your negative input/opinions. I’m not sure who you went to Rothbury to see in ’09 but I’m pretty sure your gonna hate Rothbury ’11… please keep your negativity at home buddy, thanks.

  6. Miki says:

    While Josh’s comments may have been a little harsh….I wish they’d just keep Rothbury there and have SCI go somewhere else. I was looking forward to my first Rothbury, but now will be staying as far away as possible. String Cheese are past their prime. I mean crap, they can’t even do a real hiatus (and had to come back in only a year or two after quitting because their side projects are so awful). Have fun kids, but I wish you wouldnt commandeer what I hear is a great festival for ALL music fans. Seems a little selfish.

  7. Evan says:

    Who says there can only be one event at Rothbury per year? Aren’t you making some assumptions? Please, people, think positive.

  8. matt says:

    UMMM… You do realize it was the String Cheese Incident that organized Rothbury? It was their production company that put it ALL together. Which is what really pulled them back together to play more shows. If it wasnt for the string cheese incident there never would have been a Rothbury in the first place. so before you try to naysay something mabey do a little bit of reaserch so you dont seem retarded for your selfish views. Way to be STUPID Ya’ll

  9. Jack says:

    I’m with Josh.

  10. Mike F says:

    First of all, people are assuming that this means String Cheese Incident will be the only band at Rothbury. If you actually read the article, SCI wants this to be a festival with a close group of bands that know each other and can share the stage.

    I’ve been to every Rothbury festival and the many of the bands in the lineup’s were part of the “String Cheese Family & Friends.” Also, why was Rothbury ’09 so great? After the festival was over, every one was talking about the SCI show. This was the highlight of the festival that year. Also, how are you going to say Bob Dylan and The Dead are not more past their prime than SCI. These were the headliners of Roth ’09.

    This plan is to sustain the good environment Rothbury has brought the first two years, not to grow to an insane size and diversity like Bonnaroo has. It brings better people, a better environment and a familiarity like you are at home.

  11. chris says:

    String Cheese puts me to sleep, overrated and boring

  12. zach says:

    sounds like a bunch of babies in here. Rothbury the festival that it was is not happening anymore, so quit crying. Luckily we can make up opinions and choices for ourselves. You guys dont like cheese? Sweet go see phish with the rest of the sheep, more room for us positive vibration people to dance around. and besides if it wasnt for cheese at rothbury 09, the fest would have easily been a disaster of epic proportions. Can’t wait and really really hope this happens

  13. Brandon says:

    O my my. Cleary Rothbury and String Cheese know what they r doin. Cheese always knows. This is going to be the best thing that could have ever happened to the the Rothbury site. I think by organizing a great festival like this it might subtract some of the people goingt there just to get fucked up for 4 days straight. This is going to be such an amazing, beautiful gathering of friends and family and incredible music. There is Absolutly no reason for negativity, and deffinently not on this generous web site. I came to look at these comments to see how excited my friends were that Cheese as gathering in rothbury next year, not to read how much people hate cheese. Stop hating. Love.

  14. Emily says:

    Is this for real? Will it be fourth of july weekend? I love SCI, and this would be great, but I hope this will not be a substitute for Rothbury. Rothbury 2009 was my first music festival, and if they never do it again, my heart will be broken. While I am all for jam and bluegrass music, I’m also a dubstep/ psytrance/ any kind of electronica junkie. If this does happen, I hope SCI will come through with at least a few electronica artists thrown in the mix, and I hope they will bring back a decked out Sherwood Forest.

  15. jamie says:

    Rothbury 09 WASN’T good. Rothbury 08 was 1,000 times better. I fully agree with Josh. And Matt, I did “do a little research” based on your comments, and not surprisingly you are totally WRONG. SCI had nothing to do with producing the first Rothbury. Rothbury was produced by AEG Live, which is a huge corporation that SCI has no control over whatsoever. Nice try, but SCI deserves no credit for Rothbury, or for anything else.

  16. Choo woo says:

    Sci is weak! Rothbury 08 will blow out this cheese festival by epic prortions! There show sucked there in 09 and I heard no one talking aboutnit after.

  17. MAGS says:

    SCI coming to the Midwest to play at this amazing site is a dream come true!! They better bring tDB, Lotus, and some sick electronic late nights like I know they will. Don’t forget to deck out that Sherwood Forest, YEAH BOY!! Haters STFU and go away>>>>

  18. People are Ridiculous says:

    Most of you kids clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. Jamie is 100% right in pretty much everything he/she said. SCI never had any hand in putting on Rothbury. It was always a Madison House/AEG production. String Cheese is NOT Madison House. The bottom line is that Cheese just isn’t as good as thy were in ’07(and before) and probably never will be again. They only play a few show a year now, and only do it for the money.

    • Mike F says:

      Actually String Cheese Incident was the biggest reason Madison House, Inc. was successful. They are by far the biggest client they have and always have been. So, as it is not safe to say String Cheese IS Madison House… they are the biggest influence on Madison House, Inc. as a client, who came on as a partner to produce Rothbury 2009. And for those of you that didn’t enjoy Rothbury 2009, go to Bonnaroo and check out musicians from every genre of music, your bound to find your place somewhere (aside from

      I am a huge string cheese fan and agree that they are not as good as they were prior to 2007 but they are doing it just like most other “aging” musicians, going big a few times a year, collaborating with friends and having a blast doing it. SCI was one of the most successful bands from 2000-2007 and are now just enjoying their lifestyle and having fun doing it with the dedicated fans that still enjoy their music. And don’t disrespect someone for making a living on what they are passionate about; SCI and every other professional musicians play shows to pay their bills and have worked their a$$es off to get to where they are. If you don’t like their music than don’t come to a String Cheese website, period.

      It is my understanding that this will not replace Rothbury, it is a SCI and friends festival comparable to Hornings Hideout, on the Rothbury grounds.

  19. Princess says:

    Totally surprised to visit a Cheese site, with the majority of the posts hating on them. I’ve loved them for a long time and still do. So excited to see how this all comes together!

  20. Dankb23 says:

    lol @ the guy that said SCI was the highlight of rothbury 08….

  21. Dankb23 says:

    oh, he might have been talking about 09 bury, but i still disagree with him….

  22. Elizabeth says:

    mike F you are the man! ^_^ & i definitely don’t understand why people are on this site if they don’t like string cheese…! to dankwhatever-each man to his own, everyone has a right to their opinion. HOORAY FOR HULAWEEN !

  23. Josh says:

    SCI is like old people wearing skinny jeans, it’s not right and they know it. Why would anyone pay any kind of money to hear this, it’s all tom foolery, there not even playing real songs. There just a bunch of old dudes pluckin at stuff, reminds me of the bucket list… shame

  24. Jay says:

    Josh needs to cross over anger bridge and head back to friendship shore…that 09′ cheese show was the best show I’ve ever seen!!! I’ll be there!!

  25. Kabir says:

    I totally agree with mike f I just saw cheese for the first time at hulaween and they were pretty freaking sweet I can’t wait for rothbury and rothbury incident! I can’t understand the negativity at all sounds like a phenomenal summer ahead love peace and understanding to all

  26. TJ says:

    ya f*** all them haters and f*** all them hoes….SCI is sick and an incident at the rothbury site would be killer…that would mean all of their side projects which are sick (EOTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). plus i’m keeping my fingers crossed that we michigan folk would be so lucky as to be blessed with a Rothbury 2011 and an Incident all in the same year. I think then I could die happy.

  27. John says:

    string cheese at Rothbury in 09 was the greatest show of all time. Josh you are obviously a complete moron if you fail to recognize a truly phenominal band that has continually innovated music throughout their performing lives. And the reason they decided to leave thier side projects is because they understand that the music thwy make when together is a rarity in this world. f*** off josh. string cheese rules.

  28. Learn English says:

    Dear Josh,

    First of all it is spelled, THEIR, you pathetic little boy. Second, if you want to listen to something other than String Cheese go to Bonnaroo, where you can sweat your tiny little balls off in your skinny little jeans. For people who know what real music is all about, what real family and real friends are all about, how dope the double J ranch is, and how bad ass Madison House, Nadia, Jake, Jesse, Darcy, and Alicia are at throwing a party, I will see you in MI, in the Summer of 2011! Effin Rage! Great job MADHOUSE, last summer was not nearly as fantastic as the two before, in ecstatic about this.

    Hey, Incidents happen.

  29. jenkins says:

    there is such a ridiculous amount of SCI hate on this i just can’t comprehend it… what are you haters doing on a website dedicated to string cheese…that being said this would be absolutely incredible, I really wanted to go to hornings but 1. it sells out super quick/its a very small place (which wouldnt be a problem at jj) and 2. i live in the midwest and travel would have been wicked expensive. IT would be incredible to have this fest thats fairly centrally located, not to mention the JJ ranch was an awesome location with perfect weather.

    and to the haters about sci at rothbury… I went to both rothburys and in my humble opinion the sci show was easily the best show of both fests, it was the best show i’ve ever been to in my life at 22 years old. It wasn’t even just the music, it the vibe the whole venue was giving off… I’ve never been in a happier more positive place in my life than I was around all the good people at that show, and if you couldn’t enjoy that I dont know what you were doing at any musical festival in the first place…plus…. HOW COULD YOU NOT ENJOY THE GIANT INFLATABLE BALLS?????

  30. cessie says:


    and for all the people being mean, don’t forget opinions are only opinions – it doesn’t really matter. there is no point in wasting energy on being a hater. if you don’t like string cheese then don’t go, notta big deal. and for those who do like string cheese F** YEAH ~~see you there!

    much love to all

  31. Brandino says:

    Read people. i dont think anyone realizes that when you see the word rothbury that its not just a festival. believe it or not it is a place in michigan where the rothbury festivalis held. its not going to be at rothbury festival. it will be an entirely different fest for the people who do understand, apriciate, and want to partake in an amazing soul refreshing weekend of cheese. it just so happens that their festival will be at the double jj ranch, in rothbury, as beautiful as it is….weird. so lets all take a deep breath, realize what is important, stop hating, and just live with some positivity.

  32. Henry says:

    I dont get what people are talking about when they say READ its not gonna be rothbury its just at the same place. Then why wouldnt he say “we will be holding it at JJ ranch where rothbury has been held”, makes alot more sense. Also why would he compare it to rothbury’s past, if it wasnt gonna be Rothbury. If your just holding a festival at JJ ranch you wouldnt say its gonna be different than rothbury, you would just say its a festival were throwing, completely no reason to compare to rothbury.

  33. Alex says:

    All, come on!
    Stuff happens…people age, but SCI is very talented and I am sure whatever happens with Rothbury 2011 will be great; there will be tons of effort put into the music and the artwork and overall dankness the festival has to offer. I can understand how some would feel let down if it is different in 2011, and may not, I guess, “live up” to it’s name in the past, but come onnnnnn-SCI is ridiculous, and brings people together. It’ll be different, nothing that anybody can expect, and that’s what we should be excited about. Rothbury wouldn’t let us down, and SCI is not dumb, they’re going to leave their fans raving. That’s what it’s all about in the first place, right? Good music, bringing good people together, meeting new friends, and running into old ones….

  34. lolgreatestofalltime says:

    lol at the guy who said Cheese Rothbury 09 was the greatest show of all time

  35. jimmy says:

    love love love cheese.. if you don’t no worries but no need to hate thats not what this is all about.. its about good vibes good people and the awesome music and cheese brings it all so if you dont like its ok just stay home more room for us to dance thank you and by the way cheese and their family created rothbury so if it wasnt for them you wouldnt even have the best festival ever in the first place.. peace and love to all even the haters cuz you need it the most

  36. Robert says:

    Arguments are weak. Insults are just plain wrong. Go find a 12-step group Josh…it works for many. Haven’t seen Cheese in 5 years, but I listened to Hornings from this year and enjoyed all of it. I do not like super large festival crowds anymore (they draw alot of disgusting people)and I have never been to Rothbury. If Cheese has a run of incidents there, how large would the crowd be there and would it be comfortable non-sardine camping? Just looking for some info in deciding my summer plans. Thanks.

  37. Dude says:

    string cheese is seriously one of the worst bands ive ever heard. Maybe if you hippies stopped smoking so much pot you would realize how shitty the music you listen to really is.

  38. Matt says:

    Just please let there be a festival with dank music in west Michigan in 2011.

  39. mw1972 says:

    Sounds like Mr. Josh and Mr. Dude would be better off posting their prepubescent dribble over at Lady Gaga’s site, or better yet – why don’t you two buy a pair of tix to the New Kids/Backstreet Boys tour and leave the intelligent music to the educated folks around here? Rothbury (and the jam band scene) is bigger than any one band. It’s about spreading a little positivity in a world seriously lacking in good vibes.

  40. Patrick says:

    You guys should have euforquestra play a set at the festival. They are awesome

  41. not pussy Josh says:

    This would be the most monumental weekend ever. Cheese is godly i have seen them once at 10,000 lakes festival 2007 which was the best show/ time of my life. I have tried to see them again but it has never worked out. I have seen all cheeses friends and would love to seem them again. No Doubt i would be at there for this weekend. Please cheese throw this down

  42. mikey says:


  43. spreadred87 says:

    I talked to Travis about cheesebury this summer before an EOTO show and he said it’s definately happening!!! wooo hooo!!!

  44. jack hoff says:

    this sounds like a f***ing plan! where do i get my tickets; sign me up. Cheese is so crunk and josh is such a punk. get off the web page and jump off a cliff somewhere

  45. Htmrda says:

    All these haters need to go to a justin beiber website and stop trying to mess up the great vibes that SCI puts out. I got the chance to see cheese both nights of Hulaween this year and they blew my mind just like when I used to see them back in the day…if you don’t like them too bad for you…more room for me!

  46. Fest Junkie says:

    Bassnectar is Madison House arent they?
    They’d be another sick late night show…

    Just think: 2 or 3 SCI sets, Lotus, EOTO, Bassnectar, Beats Antique, The New Deal (all madison house artisits!!)

    It has the potential to be an AMAZING FEST.

  47. Hetty Babe says:

    Kang is God.

  48. mikeylinx says:

    I am looking forward to rothbury incident in 2011! I only hope they bring back sherwood forrest! Sherwood is what seperates rothbury from all other fests! It adds something to the atmosphere that can not be matched! The people who attended the first 2 rothbury festivals were awesome. Please come back! Our local TV station recently reported that it is in the works! Very promising! To those who are dissing String cheese and this fesival…Peace and love to you! Stop the hate! To those who are looking forward to “rothbury incident,” Toke up ya’ll, & see you there!!!


  49. Melvin S says:

    “sounds like a bunch of babies in here. Rothbury the festival that it was is not happening anymore, so quit crying. Luckily we can make up opinions and choices for ourselves. You guys dont like cheese? Sweet go see phish with the rest of the sheep, more room for us positive vibration people to dance around. and besides if it wasnt for cheese at rothbury 09, the fest would have easily been a disaster of epic proportions. Can’t wait and really really hope this happens”

    wow zach your so dumb if you honestly think that SCI is on the same level as phish or even better that is the most outragous statement i have ever heard i love SCI but rothbury 09 was so great because of the LINE UP not just because SCI played a great set bring the festival back they have the hornings hideout why ruin rothbury…..

    • mikeylinx says:

      Rothbury Returns!!!!! Yes, the Actual Rothbury Festival…NOT String Cheese. There may be 2 festies at Rothbury site this year!!!! SWEEEET!

  50. mikeylinx says:

    Officials: Rothbury organizers making moves toward festival this summer
    Published: Thursday, January 13, 2011, 9:57 AM Updated: Thursday, January 13, 2011, 11:49 AM
    By Megan Hart | The Muskegon Chronicle

    Rothbury festival organizers are holding negotiations to bring a music festival back to Double JJ resort, according to township and village officials.

    The festival was canceled in 2010 because organizers said they were unable to book acts of the quality they had hoped.

    Grant Township Clerk William Wagner said Madison House Presents president and CEO Jeremy Stein met with officials earlier this week to talk about plans for a festival, but no date has been set. Madison House Presents is the company that put on the Rothbury festival in 2008 and 2009.

    Rothbury Police Chief Tom Hasper said the village of Rothbury has an agreement to supply a liquor license for a festival at Double JJ, because Grant Township is “dry.” He said nothing has been finalized yet.

    “The liquor licenses are all ready to go; They’re just waiting for the date,” he said.

    Hasper said he has heard rumors that Rothbury organizers are waiting to hear about the future of Muskegon’s Summer Celebration, and might hold a second festival if Summer Celebration doesn’t return this summer.

    This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

  51. suretobemissincheese says:

    just pass along to SCI & Madison House to please do not overlap Cheesy Rothy with the rumored PHISH Festy 9 dates….June 30-July 3! Maybe a later date weekend in July perhaps?? Lets make this place SHINE !!

  52. CBO says:

    Cheese should not play until billy and travis get along… peronally and musically. Its not the same (this is coming from a tour kid who has been to 150 shows).

  53. CBO says:

    with that being said. Cheese can play the best music i have ever heard. I just don’t like nostalgic acts. If you wanna play… play good and play alot so that you’re shows are on fire and not crammed with 10k+ people where the shows aren’t even that enjoyable to the common folk.

    Since they don’t do that anymore and randomly come together for 10 days a year… they have 100% play worse music

  54. SRG says:

    PLease please palllease bring rothbury back, but try and not to bring it fourth of july weekend! I wanna go to rainbow fest as well and that is the weekend of the 4th! pllease.

  55. JLC says:

    The String Cheese Incident
    We’ve made our 4th of July plans…see you in the forest!

  56. BDCheese says:

    YAY!!! CHEESE!!!!!!

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