Hangout Music Festival – 3D Poster Giveaway

Hangout Music Festival – 3D Poster Giveaway

June 1st, 2012
By Jeremy Lach

Hangout Music Festival Poster

This month’s contest is for this lenticular 3D Hangout Music Festival poster created by Robert Marx. Rob was responsible for creating the SCI Radio peacock tshirts as well as posters and artwork for numerous SCI shows.

“Touring around, vending lot posters out of his van, Rob Marx began his life of guerrilla artist who has “seen the light” and proudly gives his art to Conscious Alliance. R. Marx resides in the lakes region of the White Mountains in New Hampshire where he is a dedicated father and husband who tries to paint everyday. Interests include Family, Color Theory, Design, Good Music, Vinyl, Politics, Atlantis, 2012, Sacred Geometry, The Absurdity of Consensual Crimes in a FREE Society, Organics, Glass Blowing, Rocks…Gems and Minerals, Wire Wrapping, Contradictions, Pirates, 23, Pi, Chaos, perception, Chinese watercolors, Driving for 72 hours straight and a COLD DARK hotel room after a long Festival.” -Conscious Alliance

This contest is closed!

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