Ticket Giveaway: Sonic Bloom
June 2010
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About Sonic Bloom:

The 2010 Sonic Bloom festival will feature the nations best up-and-coming live electronic acts including EOTO, Karsh Kale, Vibesquad, ZILLA, Eskmo, Beats Antique, Evan Bluetech, Big Gigantic, LYNX & Janover, MartyParty, Heyoka, Ill Gates, Rena Jones, Eprom, Deru, An-ten-nae, Djunya, SPL, Jantsen, Signal Path, Future Simple Project, Octopus Nebula and many more more. The event also promises to feature some creative visual performances in both the projection and the live visual arts.

Since 2006, Sonic Bloom has helped launched the careers of dozens of emerging artists in the electro-jam, glitch, house and dub-step genres including Pretty Lights, Bassnectar, The Glitch Mob, EOTO and Beats Antique.

This year, the festival is scheduled to take place at the Mishawaka Amphitheater located in the beautiful Poudre canyon, just outside of Fort Collins, CO on June 25 - June 27th. The intimate 900-person venue allows for a grassroots festival experience like no other on the scene today.

Each event developed under the Sonic Bloom umbrella is aimed to help bring awareness to a blossoming underground music scene encompassing live performance, improvisation and the basic principals of electronic music in all of it's guises. With a strong foundation in the visual arts each event features live projection arts as well as dancers, performers and painters.

June 25 - 27, 2010
Sonic Bloom
Mishawaka Amphitheater
Bellvue, CO 80512
Contest Winner:
Winner: Alexandra Porterfield

"Cheese's set at Rothbury last year, was COMPLETELY life changing. I did not come back home the same person. I've been listening to Cheese for quite awhile but never got the privilege to see them live until last year. MOST EPIC SET OF THE WHOLE FESTIVAL, beating out The Dead. I was sober, and didn't stop dancing the entire time, my boyfriend and I traveled hundreds of miles all the way from Colorado, just us, completely un-prepared. It was our first festival, so we didn't know what to expect, we only had money for gas to get there and the ticket and thats about it. Everyone had their prime EZ ups, and we just huddled under one tapestry we had stashed in the car. It was amazing and the most heavenly, beautiful, life changing experience I've ever had. I came home, and told my dad I wasn't going to live under his wing anymore, I applied to University of Colorado for the Fine Arts program, after years of being pressured to join military, and now following my dreams and passions. Although I didn't have a direct experience with String Cheese, the show on Independence day gave me the hope to stand up to my dad, and follow my dreams.

Below I attached a photo that isn't the best quality, but represents the feelings I had coming home from Rothbury. The sunset on our drive back to Colorado. I chose this picture, because it was a bittersweet ending to the most enchanting weekend I've ever had, knowing I was going back home and not going to lie to my parents about what I truly love. This represents a new chapter in my life."

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