Winter Carnival 2011

Winter Carnival 2011

January 11th, 2011
By Jeremy Lach

SCI Winter Carnival

The String Cheese Incident has announced that they will once again be playing Winter Carnival. The shows are taking place at the 1st Bank Center in Broomfield, Colorado. The dates are March 10, 11, 12 and tickets are $55 each.  These are the first shows of 2011 which have been announced by the band.

My hope is that they’ll bring out some old favorites from their repertoire that haven’t been heard since 2007 or earlier. Let’s leave Bumpin’ Reel and Sirens behind and bring back Valley of the Jig, Sand Dollar and 100 Year Flood.

What are some of your favorites that you’d like to hear?

Thursday, March 10 @ 7:00pm
with very special guest Ott

Friday, March 11 @ 7:00pm
with very special guest J.D. Crowe & The New South

Saturday, March 12 @ 7:00pm
with very special guest Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk

1st Bank Center
11450 Broomfield Lane, Broomfield, CO
Doors at 6:00pm

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14 Responses to “Winter Carnival 2011”

  1. AzDroo says:

    YES!!! i’d like all three of those songs too!! how about a cottonmouth, a black furry possom, and a up the canyon!?!

  2. Matt B says:


  3. tor says:

    Pirates & These Waves & Chameleon!!!

  4. Matt B says:

    These waves would be awesome! 45th of november, shakin the tree, windy mountain, texas town, just passin through. theres so many good ones they didnt play last year

  5. Dunc L says:

    big shoes, bigger isnt better

  6. Mike F says:

    ^^^ Bigger isnt Better, Resume Man, Who I am, Freedom Jazz Dance, Glory Chords!

  7. shwagkid says:


  8. Matt B says:

    I want to hear every song that has been posted.

  9. Ebers1010 says:

    Dude I’d love to her SMILE….Been a while ya’ll since they’ve ripped it

  10. Ebers1010 says:

    Dude I’d love to her SMILE….Been a while ya’ll since they’ve ripped it. Lands end and Birdland would be sick.!!!! See ya all there

  11. tor says:

    Shakin the Tree would be such a nice breakout!

    how bout a Signed, Sealed, Delievered & Whiskey Before Breakfast!!

  12. PhishinNuggz says:

    I wanna hear some Valley of the Jig, Up the Canyon, Resume Man, & Sing a New Song. It would be cool if Ivan Neville gets on stage and plays on Shantytown. I’m just ready to hear some Cheese again.

    Hopefully they announce their Rothbury Incident plans sometime during the Winter Carnival also.

  13. spinnylinny says:

    I would like a Cottonmouth, Sand Dollar, Howlin’ at The Moon, Elvis’ Wild Ride & Indian Creek just to name a few :)
    And some Bluegrass Saturday!!!

  14. thew00k says:

    Bring Back VooDoo Chile!!!

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