String Cheese Incident – 1/2/2016 – Review and Photos

String Cheese Incident – 1/2/2016 – Review and Photos

January 13th, 2016
By Cassandra Perez "Mama Cass"


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Before the show that night, VIPs were gifted a private mini acoustic set before the show started in the VIP lounge. Keith was on his upright bass, Kang on his mandolin and Jason on his drum box. They played “Old Train”, “Chili Dawg”, “Deep Elem Blues,” The Beatles’ “I’ve Just Seen A Face”, “Sand Dollar” and finally “White Freightliner Blues.” Wow is all I can say…

They opened the last night with “So Far From Home.” When “Best Feeling” came on, we were all beyond excited because we had heard rumors of Keller Williams coming out as a special guest, as he was also in the area. He did not end up coming out, but it was an unbelievable “Best Feeling” with jam included. The long awaited Jean Luc Ponte’s “Mouna Bowa” was perfectly played and was very bittersweet. The placed started thumpin’ and uncontrollably smiling when “Stop Drop Roll” came on with it’s ridiculously silly lyrics! Then it got a little more serious when “Looking Glass >” came on. Many turned to their loved ones and slow danced it out. This amazingly written Billy song then turned into a rare cover of The Allman Brothers “Hot Lanta,” then ending the set with the spiritual “Close Your Eyes” with planets, stars and flowers of life on the 3D screen.

Travis begins the next set with thanking all of the people responsible for throwing the event and the amount of human energy and infrastructure that went into this amazing event (Chatter). Jeremy Salken of Big Gigantic came on stage as a special guest of the evening right after to accompany them with “Gigantic Drum Jam.” Jeremy stays on stage and Dominic Lalli, also of Big Gigantic, comes on to play “Rosie” with the band. The “Rosie” 3D video was so epic, with all of the spiders crawling out of the screen from their web and into the crowd! This is definitely something we will never forget! They continued on to “Give Me The Love >”, “On The Road” with a 2001 Space Oddessy tease in the jam, “You’ve Got The World” with Jason on the drums, “Sweet Spot,” “Restless Wind” with the whole arena yelling ROOTS RUN DEEP! YOU RAN FASTER THAN THE WINNNDDDDD! and finally ending in a sick nasty “Desert Dawn,” into an improv jam that no one had ever heard before.

The encore consisted of Travis coming back out on stage for more “Chatter,” urging us to become more involved than ever before with 2016’s election, as our country is in a very fragile state at this time. It is up to us to come together to change it. He tells us to do something whenever we can, whether it be writing a congressman or stepping out on Facebook to share opinions to come together to get our heads out of the sand! This is one of the many reasons why we love SCI so much: they really care about humanity and making the world a better place through their music with community. The Doobie Brothers’ “Listen To The Music” was played next followed by a “Miss Brown’s Teahouse” with one of the sickest jams I’ve ever heard following that song. They then epically sandwiched the whole weekend with “Just One Story!”

What a great end to an amazing 3 night run in Broomfield. See you all next year!! Don’t forget to become more involved in 2016 to make our country a better place for us.

Words by Cassandra “Mama Cass” Perez
Photos by Emily Takacs

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    Nicely written MaMa Cass!!! Do you have more recaps?

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