Setlist: 2012-06-29 – Electric Forest

Setlist: 2012-06-29 – Electric Forest

June 30th, 2012
By Jeremy Lach

String Cheese Incident Electric Forest 2012

Last night was the first String Cheese Incident show of Electric Forest 2012.  They came out with guns blazing, doing some serious jamming right off the bat with Smile, Close Your Eyes > Orange Blossom Special.  They also debuted their new single Can’t Wait Another Day to close the set.  I think this song has a lot of potential but it was lacking a jam this time around.  We’ll see how it evolves through the tour.

Second set opened with Climb, a favorite of mine and then the band switched gears and rode the electronic untzy sound the rest of the show.  Valley of the Jig was hard and heavy, way back home was long and spacey- how it should be, and then Desert Dawn culminated with a full on dubstep jam.  Not unlike the Kashmir at last year’s Electric Forest.

But don’t take my word for it, I’m on couch tour until the west coast.  What do you think of the setlist/performance?  Add your comments below!

Download the show from Live Cheese here

String Cheese Incident / Electric Forest / 06.29.2012

Set 1:
Smile*, Close Your Eyes > Orange Blossom Special^, Look At Where We Are, Pack It Up, Give Me The Love, Can’t Wait

Set 2:
Climb, Jam > Rhythm Of The Road~, Colliding, Doin’ My Time#, VOTJ, Way Back Home, Texas

E: Desert Dawn

*(with Billy Flubs)
^(with Mystery Tease)
~Last Sesame Street Theme NYE 2000 run (details will follow later)
#Brief Black Market tease

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6 Responses to “Setlist: 2012-06-29 – Electric Forest”

  1. J. Figg says:

    Couch Tour as well for EFF and Red Rocks! Thank you Iclips!

    That set was AWESOME. The jams were great, especially for the first show of the tour, and only second show since Dec ’11. I really enjoyed Can’t Wait and Colliding. Colliding more, and I think the “trainwreck” on that was intentional. VOTJ was something else. Desert Dawn… YES YES YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! The Kashmir thing last year was neat and all, yet that DD was tight and seamless. I’ve grown tired of the whomp… one reason I didn’t make an effort to be at EFF, yet as someone put it last night, this festival is bridging the jam and EDM worlds, and exposing the EDM kids to some great music, some REAL BANDS. After last night’s performance, I’m reconsidering an attendance of a future EFF.

    I’m SUPER STOKED for tonight!

  2. otherone101 says:

    The Close Your Eyes > Orange Blossom Special segue was the highlight of the 6/29 show. The band seems really relaxed while creating very interesting jams at every oppurtunity. I’m really enjoying these webcasts.

  3. Josh says:

    The Desert Dawn is ok but good god why did they have to throw the womp into it? I hope the dubstep experimentation ends the same day Electric Forest does, to be perfectly honest. I haven’t liked EOTO since they became obsessed with it, and I definitely was content with any dubstep being separate from SCI. Overall show sounds decent, though.

  4. Marc says:

    Colliding jam was sick!!! Love the new song can’t wait!! Great show

  5. E rob says:

    This set was weird, off, and amazing at the same time. There was even a point during a bluegrassy jam that kyle pulled his head back and yelled to the other guys that he cant remember how to play this “thing” (piano). Seemed like the guys were torn between playing a traditional show and “giving in” to the crowd. I for one loved every second of it. Colliding really has pulled together and turned into a real dance fest, and the Desert Dub-step was just amazing, really showed the “kids” that they could do it if they wanted, and DO IF FUCKING WELL!

  6. Marc says:

    The reason I’m ok with the dubstep jam in desert dawn is cuz kang and Keith r loving it!! After watching it on iclips I really noticed that

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