Setlist: 2012-07-01 – Electric Forest

Setlist: 2012-07-01 – Electric Forest

July 3rd, 2012
By Jeremy Lach

The last cheese show of Electric Forest was awesome!  Kicking it off in the best way possible with a hefty handful of bluegrass featuring members of The Travelin’ McCourys and Keller Williams.  THIS is what makes cheese’s festivals so great.  Rare guest sit ins from some of the top bluegrass musicians in the world.  Not to mention the classic combo of Keller and Cheese made for some dust kicking good times with Keller’s Porta Potty and Best Feeling.  The set ended with an energetic Search, Kyle’s new one: Let’s Go Outside, and Colorado Bluebird Sky.

Second set brought some funk with Jellyfish featuring Dominic Lali (Big Gigantic) on Saxophone.  Joyful Sound featured a loop from Paul Revere (Beastie Boys), just as it did during the Hangout.  We’ll see if they stick with that version of the song throughout the rest of the tour.  They ended the set with a great Lonesome Fiddle Blues and a big Howard.  The encore was solid with Dominic Lali again sitting in for some jazz followed by some reggae.

Overall, Electric Forest seemed like a blast.  The band was clearly having a great time playing, the guest sit ins were diverse and didn’t overwhelm Cheese’s sound, and the crowd was loving it.  I’m glad so many new festival goers are being exposed to SCI and are learning what makes an Incident so special.

Were you at the festiavl?  What were your experiences like?  How was the crowd?  What kind of madness ensued on Saturday night during Rivertrance?  I was on couch tour so lets here what you have to say!

7/01/2012 Electric Forest Festival – Rothbury, MI

Set 1: Minor Swing1, How Mountain Girls Can Love2, Six Days On The Road2, Barstool2, Porta Potty3, Long Gone2, Best Feeling4 > Search, Lets Go Outside, Colorado Bluebird Sky

Set 2: Jellyfish5 > Eye Know Why, Bumpin’ Reel, Cats, Joyful Sound, Lonesome Fiddle Blues> Howard

Encore: Freedom Jazz Dance5 , Could You Be Loved5

1 with Ronnie McCoury Jason Carter 2 with Ronnie, Jason, Rob McCoury 3 with Ronnie, Jason, Rob and Keller Williams 4 with Keller Williams 5 with Dominic Lali on Sax

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3 Responses to “Setlist: 2012-07-01 – Electric Forest”

  1. Josh says:

    I wasn’t there, but what I’ve liked so far is how, for the first two days at least, the largely stuck to original material and repertiore covers. Day 2 sounds like they already are falling back into the groove of things. Still a bit rusty in spots in comparison to the air-tight interplay of years past, but at this rate, they’ll work out of that pretty quickly. Overall, sounds like a great start to their short tour, and I can’t wait for the west coast run to start! My one negative criticism has to do with playing dubstep; I don’t mind the style of music, I just don’t want to hear it when I’m listening to SCI. But I sure don’t mind there being dubstep acts at an SCI festival! Anyway, west coast dates are just about all I can think about at this point, it can’t come fast enough.

  2. Marc says:

    This was my first year at EFF and it was awesome. Sherwood forest was mind blowing!!! I’m not a huge EDM fan but still had a good time seeing some new artists. The crowd seemed pretty young, a lot of EDMers there but a good amount of cheese heads too!

    Cheese the last day was a good wind down after the 3 previous days of insanity. The bluegrass set was chill and who doesn’t love some stand ins with their cheese, especially when it’s Keller! The Keller Best Feeling made my year! Was hoping they woulda played freaker by the speaker with Kdub but we got a grassy version of that before cheese came on.
    I played a great game of “don’t let the beach volleyball hit the ground” during the 2nd set and cheese played right in sync with it! Freedom jazz dance and could you be loved was a great encore. Wrapped things up nicely.

    Overall I had a blast at EFF and will def be going next year!

  3. Earl McDabbin says:

    Cheese killed the whole festival…too many dubstep kids and too much of the nonsense that comes along with that crowd. During cheese they had some big dubstep artists and it was truly magical to watch the entire grimy K’d out crowd of gross dubsteppers all get up and leave cheese all at once. The cops and rentacops on horses made it hard to relax (and we were being extremely well behaved by festi standards)…it was HORSESHIT…literally. The cheese sets (and the stringdusters and keller’s set) were downright perfect but those stupid rentacops wouldn’t let us chill in hammocks in the camping area which made absolutely no sense given all the other shenanigans going on everywhere except the hammocks…they need a more chill festival at rothbury, less dubstep, less nazi rentacops, and more not electronic music!!!!!

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