SCI – Lyric Opera House – Baltimore, MD

SCI – Lyric Opera House – Baltimore, MD

December 1st, 2011
By Jeremy Lach

SCI Baltimore

The Roots Run Deep tour continued its way north to Maryland yesterday.  Check out the setlist:

11/30/2011 Lyric Opera House – Baltimore, MD
Set 1: Lonesome Fiddle Blues, Smile, MLT, Give Me The Love > Let’s Go Outside, Come As You Are > Black Clouds

Set 2: Eye Know Why, Outside and Inside > Whiskey Before Breakfast, Brand New Start, Black and White, Big Shoes

Encore: Rosie

Kyle Hollingsworth is a native of Baltimore, Maryland so naturally this show featured a number of his songs… MLT, Let’s Go Outside, Eye Know Why, and Rosie for the encore.  All in all, a solid setlist.  Can’t wait to hear the recording. The boys are in Upper Darby, PA tonight then it’s off to NYC for two nights.  See you in NYC!


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4 Responses to “SCI – Lyric Opera House – Baltimore, MD”

  1. NaddyBear says:

    Just curious, I’ve been a long time SCI fan since about 2000. Since SCI stopped touring the east coast a few years back I haven’t had a chance to see them much. We saw them in Hampton 2010 for Hulaween which was a great couple of shows. However I waw very disappointed with the techno back beat of the performance I saw at the Lyrica. Has this techno pop become a new norm for SCI? Any other commmenters or opinions? I sure hope this is not a new form for them, I love the old SCI and this band is way too talented to fall back on techno pop crap.

    • jeremylach says:

      It’s true that SCI has been incorporating a more electronic sound to many of their songs. It seems they are always trying to balance their sound and the musical interests and directions of each member of the band, which has become electronically influenced. Many younger fans are attracted to the electronic sound as well. Just my humble thoughts

  2. Eye Know Why cheese plays techno says:

    String Cheese has been goin downhill with the techno bullshit starting in 04-05ish. It doesn’t seem like we will ever get back the beautiful jam grass that once was SCI. Still, it’s worth going to the shows to catch the good stuff in between all the michael travis horse shit.

  3. Robert Berg says:

    I’ve been following this band since 97 & was a bit frustrated when the sound started to become more techno driven. They have found a way to fuse so many genres & weave so many musical patterns. When you are right with the music & it is right with you the energy just flows. Baltimore & 1st night NYC were very powerful performances I was lucky enough to see. Get yourself right & get yourself to a show. You never know whats next……..

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