String Cheese Incident – New Years 12/31/2015 – Review and Photos

String Cheese Incident – New Years 12/31/2015 – Review and Photos

January 11th, 2016
By Cassandra Perez "Mama Cass"

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It was a mild winter in Broomfield this year, so standing in line for a good spot was not as intense as last year! Upon entering the First Bank Center, each of us were given a pair of 3D SCI glasses for the show, something they’ve never done before! The theme for the night was “sparkles,” so everyone was equipped with their best, shiny gear.They opened with an unfinished Just One Story, busting into a twangy “Rollin’ In My Sweet Baby’s Arms.” Then, just when we least expected it, “Bolly Munster” exploded the whole place with Jason sounding super trippy on the vocals. “Look At Where We Are” settled things down a bit with some funky basslines from Keith and ending the first set with a seriously nasty “Dirk.”

They started the second set with “Seach > Drums > Search” and proceeded with a “Joyful Sound” that went into “Rumble”, which is a dub­steppy/wompy/heavy guitar short accompaniment played after “Joyful Sound,” which was introduced recently on the Fall Tour and last played at Hulaween. Jason’s chanting in this song takes us away to a far mystical land. It had everyone breaking it down on the dance floor super hard! They then surprised with a “Turn This Around,” which a lot of people were waiting to hear for a while. There was a lot of play back and forth between Billy and Kyle during “Jellyfish,” with Kyle teasing the Darth Vader theme when Billy was singing about “Mary’s mom.” After “Jellyfish,” it calmed down again with a very melodic “Baby New Year’s Jam”, going into “Black Clouds,” which ended the second set.

By the time the third set started, everyone was good and ready for the 3D glasses! The boys had white tuxedos on with crazy, glowing, psychedelic ties and 3D glasses.They started with a “Way Back Home” that went into “3D New Year Jam,” back into “Way Back Home” as the ball was dropped. The visuals on the screen on the stage were the most intense theatrics that Cheese has ever done, portraying purple, orange and green neon mountains and flowing rivers, taking us on a journey with them as the “3D New Year Jam” crushed it. As the boys were looking at the screen playing with their glasses on, they were super in awe as well at how intense and beautiful everything was! There were also really trippy­looking acrobats swinging from the ceiling and a couple on stage performing as the video was playing. Zeppelins were flying around the arena accompanied by insane lasers, as balloons were dropping from the ceiling.

As the third set proceeded, they played Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long” for the first time, which has been a set break favorite for many for a long time. After this special moment of celebration with this song, they erupted into” I Know You Rider” that had everyone bouncing around! After “Sometimes A River” and often­played “Beautiful,” we got a super psychedelic and rare “Resolution Jam,” all while wearing our 3D glasses and enjoying superb visuals from the screen on the stage. After they delved into “Texas,” but did not finish it.They ended the set with an amazing 11 minute “Valley Of The Jig,” followed by a heartfelt “Group Hoot.”

The ten minute encore consisted of Led Zeppelin’s “The Ocean” and completion of “Texas.” Overall, the production for the show was absolutely amazing and it was so awesome to see Cheese trying something different than they’ve ever done before with the 3D aspect. They once again proved that they can play any genre, being one of the most versatile bands of our time, never ceasing to amaze their fans!

Words by Cassandra Perez
Photos by Emily Takacs

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  1. Jordan Huf says:

    forgot about the zeppelins…definitely foreshadowing for what was to come.. thanks mama cass

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