Best show of 2003

Best show of 2003

May 6th, 2013
By Jeremy Lach

I was poking around on and found this amazing show from The Fox Theatre in Redwood City, CA – 12-08-2003.  Larry Fox has named this the best show of 2003.  Definitely worth checking out.

Download it here

12/08/2003 Fox Theatre – Redwood City, CA

Set 1: Texas > How Mountain Girls Can Love > Round the Wheel, County Road Blues, Good Times Around the Bend, Wake Up > ¡BAM!
Set 2: Valley of the Jig, Jellyfish¹ > Rollover, Blackberry Blossom^ > Riders on the Storm¹ > Eleanor Rigby Jam¹ > All Blues¹, Outside Inside^ > Black Clouds
Encore: Across the Universe², Got What He Wanted, I Wish
² with only Nershi and Kyle
^ unfinishedFirst Time Played: Riders on the Storm (Doors cover), Across the Universe (Beatles cover)

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6 Responses to “Best show of 2003”

  1. honeynoats says:

    You didn’t mention that Jellyfish through All Blues has Martin Fierro sitting in on saxophone. He did a lot in his career, but us jam folks might know him best as playing with Jerry in the early 70′s, part Legion of Mary and played some sweet stuff with Jerry leading up to that.

    Also, for those that check the comments, archive link for streaming, but it’s not the SBD:

    Thanks for the tasty queso, as always.

  2. Josh says:

    This was the very first SCI show I’d ever been to. How I miss those days.

  3. Ryan says:

    This show is the heat, although I think it’s pretty ballsy to say that anything from 03 is better than the Halloween show. That one might’ve been the best of the decade.

  4. John H. says:

    It IS ballsy, and that Redwood City is a *definitely* a swinging indoor show, but Jeremy must not have been at the Georgia Frontiere Theater Outdoors in Sedona, AZ 05/24/03 and 05/25/03. THOSE are definitely the best shows of 2003 in my book, and you can check out some killer auds from (of course any schoeps hypers outdoors SHINE, so you may want to try that particular source for grins). The infamous “Big Bugs On” (Big Shoes) and the story that goes with it is indelibly etched on anyone’s mind who was there, outdoors, where the barefoot boys love to play, in Freakin’ Sedona Az of all of God’s green of the most awesome places on the planet. Oh..and we ALL had big bugs on…(us). Also, one of the better SHINE versions, and any show with a killer SHINE (anywhere) or a LFB to open (watch out!) is ahead of the game (e.g. 08/02/01 Santa Barbara, also multiple sources avail). So while totally agree that Redwood City is a cut above (it was a small venue too), the sheer majesty of 05/24/03 and the next night can’t be beat.

  5. John H. says:



  6. John H. says:

    Doh, I forgot to comment on the Hulaween show in VEGAS BABY that year. It was indeed worth the trip to glittertown….I have a distinct recollection of playing blackjack all night after the show (I had some weird energy for some reason :-) and then the next thing I knew, it was noon the next day and I was still playin…but I digress…Martin was indeed w/ the boys the second night. These two nights were as good as any on that first half of 2003 but DIFFERENT that either the RWC or Sedona shows due to the differences in venues. For me the merit of a Hulaween show is how good the ‘costume’ set is. My favorite was Shrine Aud, 10/31/02:

    LA Woman > The End > LA Woman, Tightrope, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Fire > Voodoo Chile, We Are the Champions

    As you might expect, Billy channeled Jim, and Travis did a Killer Freddie Mercury in hotpant shorts, and Kang played GUITAR on the Hendrix cover….I thought the damn balcony was gonna come down the way it was bouncing…and Rod Roddy, the announcer on the price is right who says, “so and so, come on down! Did the intros all night long…truly surreal…

    See you guys got me started now I’ll arrest myself and shush.


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