A Review of The Contribution - Which Way World CD Release Party
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By Nicholas Janson
The Contribution
The members of The Contribution
Tim Carbone: Fiddle, Electric Guitar, Vocals
Keith Moseley: Bass, Vocals
Jason Hann: Drum Set
Phil Ferlino: Keyboards
Jeff Miller: Guitar, Mandolin
Setlist and Guests

Set I: Come Around, Time Was Only Yesterday, Don't Do It (The Band), Steady Ride, Samsara, Only You Know and I Know (Bonnie and Delaney), Fear Of Nothing, Let the Children Play (Santana), The Song Remains The Same (Led Zeppelin)

Set II: Midnight on the Water > Hoedown (Traditional), Which Way World, Wind Me Up, Gimme Shelter (The Rolling Stones), Not This Time, Don't Let Go (Jesse Stone; also recorded by the Jerry Garcia Band), Better Days, Let's Get It On (Marvin Gaye), Year of Jubilee

Encore: Live And Let Die (Wings)

Special Guests:
Andrew McConathy - Acoustic Guitar (YarmonyGrass)
Sheryl Renee: Vocals (Black Swan Singers)
Peter Grant: Pedal steel guitar
Alisa Rose: Violin
James Nash: Acoustic guitar (The Waybacks / Kate Gaffney Band)
Kate Gaffney: Vocals (Kate Gaffney Band)
Bill Evans: Banjo 

The Great American Music Hall - San Francisco, CA
Tim Carbone and Alisa Rose of The Contribution
Alisa Rose and Tim Carbone on fiddle

It was a delight to experience the explosive jams that The Contribution wove effortlessly into a tapestry of timeless lyrics and melodic sequences.  The band held their second of two CD release parties on April 3rd at The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco.  In my experience, it is rare to find a group of musicians able to reach and maintain the level of talent that was displayed on Saturday night.  Comprised of Tim Carbone of Railroad Earth, Keith Moseley and Jason Hann of the String Cheese Incident, and Phil Ferlino and Jeff Miller of New Monsoon, this band is nothing short of a super-group.

The Contribution embarked on the journey two originals, "Come Around" and "Time Was Only Yesterday", and then came out with a great cover of The Band's "Don't Do It".  Before long the stage was full of guests and then the real show began.  Along with help from a full line-up of special guests including but not limited to Sheryl Renee of the Black Swan Singers, James Nash of The Waybacks, and Kate Gaffney of the Kate Gaffney Band, The Contribution played a remarkable rendition of Santana's "Let the Children Play".  Then immediately after being blown away by this cover, their version of Led Zeppelin's "The Song Remains the Same" put the original recorded version to shame.  The band is so skilled that they were able to take timeless classics from the past half a century and not only play them to perfection but take them to a level that previously seemed unattainable.  Imagine being impressed and engulfed in a beautiful jam while being reminded of classic rock sounds that send waves of nostalgia up your dancing spine and into stimulated mind.  It was truly a powerful experience.

Sheryl Renee sits in with The Contribution
Sheryl Renee lends her singing to The Contribution

Also invited to play guitar for a couple of songs was Andrew McConathy.  Delighted to be involved with this band McConathy is also founder of Pure Productions, LLC and YarmonyGrass music festival.  To the satisfaction of the many fans that turned out to the show on Saturday, McConathy announced that the band will be playing live again at YarmonyGrass in August along with Railroad Earth and a cast of other artists including numerous members of the String Cheese Incident.

Tim Carbone, Bill Evans, James Nash, Keith Moseley, Jeff Miller of The Contribution
Tim Carbone waves to the crowd

I guess it goes to show we will never know what comes next.  This alliance of musicians is an example of how musical evolution thrives. It has been wonderful attending SCI, RRE, and New Monsoon concerts over the past decade, and having seen all of these bands many times before it was a great pleasure to be a part of this CD release party with The Contribution.  This is a fine example of the progress and success that results from this type of compassion and cooperation amongst musicians. 

The members of The Contribution
Andrew McConathy, Alisa Rose, Peter Grant, Phil Ferlino, Tim Carbone, Keith Moseley, Jason Hann, Jeff Miller, Sheryl Renee, James Nash, Kate Gaffney, and Bill Evans
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